Latest features added to the wiki

We did some test and we get trouble sending the automatic registration password. If you would like to update some page please send me an e mail and I will create user and password for you. My E-Mail is

The plugin 'swiftmail' for dokuwiki has been installed. Now the password recovery system seems to work fine.

On November 25th, 2009, this wiki has been upgraded to the latest stable version of dokuwiki.

On November 16th, 2008, andrikmb began the Portuguese translation of the wiki. Thanks a lot for the effort!

A system for user registration and authentication has been activated. The goal of this system is not restricting access to the wiki, but to acknowledge the work of the contributors. Nonetheless, you can edit the wiki as an anonymous user, if you wish.

Please, feel free to edit the pages or to add new ones.

A system to write localised versions of the documentation has been also implemented. If you want to contribute to the wiki in your own language, read the guidelines for translations in the wiki development page.

If you have any questions or proposals about this wiki you can write them in the wiki development page.

Wiki Development

Please, write here your questions and proposals about this wiki. They will be answered as soon as possible.

This is great start you have created good wiki. It already gives format to start creating good documentation. I think we need a place in this documentation on how to add scripts in the PythonCAD which can be used in any furture version of PythonCAD. . .

About translations

If you want to contribute to this wiki in your own language, now you can do it. In order to write localised versions of the pages in this wiki, you must use namespaces.

To illustrate the use of namespaces, say that you want to create the german version of the start page. The first thing you have to do is to create a new page whose id is “de:anfang”, and then you have to write the contents of this page.

The “de” (abbreviation of Deutsch) before the colon is a namespace designation, and the word after the colon is the german name for the page.

Note that if you want to translate a page that is already included in a namespace, you only have to add the language namespace. For example, if you want to translate to Spanish the page “commands:hcline”, you have to create the page “es:ordenes:hcline”.

If you create the first page of a translation, probably there will be no sidebar in this language. In the case you want to translate the sidebar, you have to create a page with the name “sidebar” in the translation namespace. For example, “de:sidebar” would be the sidebar of the German version.

Software used in this wiki

This wiki is an instance of Dokuwiki (version 20060309).

The wiki has been decorated with the Battlehorse template.

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