Release 38

New Work in progress version

The new features that we are going to implements are :

  • New Kernel
  • New Interface
  • Improve Performance in Drawing
  • Revision System on drawing
  • Hatch Command
  • Titleblock Managements
  • Windows Installer (using py2exe and innoSetup)

See table of development progress Command Check list R37->R38 Migration

Download alfa release from Git: Download PythonCAD start

Release 37.1

This is the candidate relese version of Pythoncad

The new features implemented are:

  • Dxf Import Export
  • Segment Constraint option (angle/vertical/horizontal)
  • Bug Fix

Download from Git: Download PythonCAD

Release 37

This is the last released version of PythonCad

This release is the first releas of the new developer team.

The new features implemented are:

  • dynamic zoom, pan (we still have some performace problems)
  • dynamic snap
  • two segment fillet
  • reorganizing the menu items
  • Add Help menu With AboutButton
  • Fix Bug on copyPastecommand


Release 36

This is the latest release since May 12th 2007. From the PythonCAD website:

This release is primarily a bug-fix release. Several bugs regarding user preference storage were fixed, as were a number of drawing and entity selection bugs. PythonCAD users on Windows will now have their preferences stored in a PythonCAD subdirectory in the APPDATA environment defined directory.

Release 35

Released on December 19th 2006. According to the PythonCAD website, these are the main changes:

This release incorporates a number of changes dealing with saving and loading user and image preferences. Preferences set with the dialog box are now saved to a file and reused for subsequent new drawings and PythonCAD sessions. The various preferences in any image can be adjusted with dialogs called from the 'Draw'→'Set' menu. Subsequent PythonCAD releases will add further enhancements to the setting and storage of drawing preferences. In addition to these major changes, a number of smaller bug fixes and code improvements are also present in this release.

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