Programming resources

In this page, you can find and add links to external resources about the different languages, libraries and technologies used in the PythonCAD development.


Link Description Python home page Official Python documentation index
Python style guide Useful guidelines for Python coding
Python 2.4 Quick Reference A wonderful cheatsheet for Python
Dive into Python The most famous book about Python

GUI libraries


Link Description
PyGTK 2.0 Reference Reference manual of PyGTK 2.0
PyGTK 2.0 Tutorial A tutorial for PyGTK 2.0


Link Description
wxPython API Using wxWidgets with Python
wxPython wiki Wiki about wxPython






Skencil is a vector drawing program (a Draw program similar to Illustrator) written with pyGTK. It supports Bezier curves, ellipses, and fills including gradients, hatching and tiled images. It supports user scripting in Python. It has a plugin architecture that supports Import Filters, Export Filters and Plugin Objects.

It has an excellent developer's guide that describes the program's internals

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