How to contribute to PythonCAD

If you want to edit the Python code to fix bugs or add features, you are welcome.

Go on the for more details on how to join the development team.

You can contact the current project leader at

PythonCAD mailing list

There is an active mailing list for people interested in developing and using PythonCAD. Visit the mailing list homepage for information about subscribing to the list. This page also provides a link to the mailing list archives that are viewable in a web browser.

Thanks to the good people running the mailing lists hosted at the Python domain for hosting this list.

PythonCAD wiki

At this moment, the PythonCAD project lacks a good documentation. The goal of this wiki is the creation of a complete documentation that helps users and developers of the software.

Note that this wiki has an rss feed. You can use it to get to know when some information is added or updated.

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