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PythonCAD mailing list

There is an active mailing list for people interested in developing and using PythonCAD. Visit the mailing list homepage for information about subscribing to the list. This page also provides a link to the mailing list archives that are viewable in a web browser.

There is also a sourceforge mailing list

Thanks to the good people running the mailing lists hosted at the Python domain for hosting this list.


We have provided also a forum for immediate help.. have a look at:


This list includes the name of some of the people working on the PythonCAD project. If you are one of them, you can add your name and the work you're making.

Project leaderArt Haas
Project leader from 2009 Matteo Boscolo
Wiki administratorJosé Antonio Martín
Contributing Programmer Dillon Hicks
GUI and user inputs Carlo Pavan
dxf import Yagnesh Desai

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