Commands reference

Enter a single word command. You will be prompted for parameters. Entering a command is the same as choosing the equivalent menu item.

R38 Commands

From R38 version the command are changed this new list describe how to use it and what they do

Alphabetical list of available commands Older Version

Command Description Default Name(s) Command Executed Parameters
Draw Angled Construction Line acline,acl acline
Arc(Radius/Angle) arc arcc
Draw Construction Circle(Two Points) ccir2 ccir2p
Draw Construction Circle(Point/Radius) ccir ccircen
Chamfer Object chamfer chamfer
Draw Circle(Two Points) cir2 cir2p
Draw Circle(Point/Radius) cir circen
Draw Construction Line (Two Points) cl cl
Close Drawing Window close close
Copy Object copy copy
Cut Object cut cut
Delete Object delete, del delete
Open Dimension Preferences Window dimpref dimpref
Fillet Object fillet fillet
Horizontal Construction Line hcline, hcl hcline
Draw Leader (Multi-Point) leader, lead leader
Mirror Object mirror, mir mirror
Move Object move, mv move
Move Object Horizontally moveh moveh
Move Object Vertically movev movev
Open New Window new new
Paste Object paste paste
Draw Perpendicular Construction Line pcline pcline
Draw Point point point x:float, y:float
Draw Polyline (Multi-Point) polyline, pline polyline
Open Prefrences Menu Window pref pref
Quit Application quit quit
Draw Rectangle (Two Points) rectangle, rect rect
Redraw Screen Objects redraw redraw
Refresh Screen Objects refresh, r refresh
Select all: arcs saa saa
Select all: angled construction lines saacl saacl
Select all: circles sac sac
Select all: construction circles sacc sacc
Select all: construction lines sacl sacl
Select all: horizontal construction lines sahcl sahcl
Select all: polylines sap sap
Select all: segments sas sas
Select all: vertical construction lines savcl savcl
Save Drawing as New Filename saveas saveas
Save Drawing saves, sv saves
Draw Segment (Two Points) segment, seg, l segment x1,y1 x2,y2
Split Object split split
Stretch Object (Two Points) str str
Stretch Horizontal strh strh
Stretch Vertical strv strv
Draw Tangent Construction Line tcline, tcl tcline
Input Text text text
Transfer to Current Layer transfer transfer
Draw Vertical Construction Line vcline, vcl vcline
Zoom Default zoomd, z zoomd
Zoom Fit zoomf, zf zoomf
Zoom In zoomi, zi zoomi
Zoom Out zoomo, z zoomo

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